Choosing your auto shop in Pasadena ca

Choosing your auto shop in Pasadena ca

Choosing your auto shop in Pasadena ca

Here are some quick tips and questions that will make choosing an auto repair

shop a way better experience. 

Key points

  • Comfort: its important to feel comfortable, make sure you get a good feeling when you’re on the phone with the shop.

Google it…

Do a simple search to see how others liked the shop? If past customers are calling the shop a jerk then you probably don’t would be better looking for another shop..


Dos and Don’ts when calling a shop

There are some lost in translation moments between Auto shops and customers. One of them is the phone call.


Customer: Hi I have a 1998 Honda civic how much for  Brakes?

Not a great start…


Well shops like a little foreplay… Okay just kidding but a lot about getting a good shop is about making the relationship.

Shops don’t generally like to quote jobs over the phone because you might think that you know what the problem is but you are calling an auto shop because they are the professionals. So I recommend that you explain the problem you’re having weather is it a noise or the check engine light is on. This  is where expectations get skewed right off the bat. Because just as you say you just want a brake replacement  price. You really your brakes to stop  that squeaking noise to stop when you apply your brakes. Right? So a better way to ask is…

Customer: Hi I have a 1998 Honda civic and my brakes are making noise  when I try to stop. I would like to get them checked out. Do you have time for an appointment?

This approach puts everyone at ease, because you really just want that noise to go away and the shop feels good because they can give your car an accurate diagnosis and recommend the correct  fix.

And finally check and make sure that they are experts in fixing your car. Look for the ASE blue seal and check out their warranty. Some shops warranty their work for a 1 year/12000 miles and others will warranty their work up to  3 years/36000 miles.

This  simple tip will greatly improve your experience in finding the shop that is right for you!

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